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Welcome to beautiful, but elegant Charlottetown! This lively town, which we proudly call our province’s capital, is also known as Canada’s Birthplace! From the Confederation Centre of the Arts to beautiful and fun golf courses, you certainly aren’t missing much in Charlottetown. And at just 40 minutes from the Confederation Bridge, Charlottown is quite central and only a short drive to nearby attractions or historic sites. In Charlottetown there truly is so much ground to cover when vacationing.

Let’s start with one of Charlottetown’s best qualities… Food!!! Price Edward Island is very well known for it’s fine cuisine, and Charlottetown is no exception. There are more then 40 quality restaurants, bars and grilles just in Charlottetown. If you’re staying on the island, trying our seafood is an absolute must. There is actually a restaurant in New York that sells seafood just from PEI. As for more classic meals, every year an organization called Burger Love creates a competition where restaurants can compete and the public can vote on their favourite burger. It is really fun to try, and quite frankly there are some very tasty burgers out there. Finally, you could have the honour of trying Canada’s best ice cream, and some of the best cheeses in the world, at Cows Creamery.

Another couple of Charlottetown’s attribute’s are: Amazing entertainement, and a culturally rich history. One of our most famous creations, if not the most famous, is Anne of Green Gables. Wether you want to watch the Anne musical, or visiting the Anne Museum, you can be sure to fall in love with Anne, and her amazing story. When you’re done visiting Anne, be sure to visit some of our histoic buildings such as the ___, where  confederation was founded back in 1867. Or visit the Ardgowan National Historic Site, the former home to William Henry Pope, one of the Fathers of Confederation. You truly never will run out of things to do in Charlottetown.

Wether you choose to stay in one of the quieter neighbourhoods, or in the busier part of Charlottetown, you can always be assured that you are in a safe environnement for you, your family and your friends. We have tons of store’s for the “shopper”, cultural and historic sites dor the “Explorer”, and great food for anyone really. Charlottetown truly is a colorful and amazing place to stay, and should definitely be some part of your vacation.

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